Terms & Conditions


Any order implies on the part of the buyer or the principal, an unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

1. Price

- Our prices are calculated ex works (42290 SORBIERS), shipping costs are advanced on invoice.
- In the event of price variations, the rate applied will be that in force on the date of order.
Our selling prices are indicative and may be modified without notice according to the variation of currency rates and raw material prices.

2. Ordering

- All your orders must be sent to us via the website www.sacar1932.fr. PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible and we will not grant any credit note in the event that an order is placed twice by you, if it is made twice by our systems.
- Cancellation of an order: any order received and recorded by us can under no circumstances be cancelled during the manufacturing process, it will remain due.
- Delivery times: Our delivery times are given only as an indication, without obligation, and subject to the supply of raw materials. Overruns of delivery times cannot give rise to damages, withholding or cancellation of pending orders.
- Additions: Additions to a current order will only be taken into account if the status of the order allows it.
- Late payment or payment problem: Costs and actions resulting from extensions of due dates, subject to our prior agreement, are at the expense of the buyer.
In the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, we may suspend the execution of current orders or cancel them.
Non-payment of an invoice on its due date makes all other invoices payable regardless of their due date or the agreed conditions.
In the event of non-payment of an invoice on its due date, penalties are incurred for amounts remaining due at the rate indicated on our invoices.

3. Payment conditions

- Secure online payment.

4. Items

The photos of our range are not contractual. Colours and finishes may vary depending on the origin and manufacture. Slight variations in colour and finish cannot result in the rejection of the order.
The names given to the ranges, lines, collections or products are used as references or internal differentiation. They may under no circumstances be used as registered trademarks or be considered as abuse of registered trademarks. 

5. Carriage and claims

Our goods travel in all cases at the risk and peril of the consignees regardless of the conditions of sale, the mode of transport and the terms of shipment.
- Checking the goods on delivery :
We package our goods in such a way as to protect them from the risk of deterioration during transport. Any damage to packaging or suspect packages noted on delivery must be the subject of a remark on the delivery receipt of the delivery company and a confirmation within 24 hours by mail with AR (a copy) to the latter.
Complaints concerning the goods are only admissible if they are made in writing, within a maximum period of eight days from the receipt of the goods.
Any return of a product must be the subject of a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Any product returned without this agreement would remain at the buyer's disposal and would not give rise to the establishment of a credit note.
The costs of return, shipping and storage will be borne by the buyer.

6. Retention of title clause

The buyer shall bear the risks that the goods may run or cause upon delivery.

7. Competent jurisdiction

Any dispute or action shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce, the Commercial Court of ST ETIENNE (42).